Join A Journey

ZimJourneys tend to entail a strong sense of cultural immersion, faith-based humanitarian work alongside, and often under the direction of, locals, as well as provide an opportunity to step outside your comfort zone and make lifelong connections with people who live differently. Read more to find out how to become a part of a journey.
Birthing Kits

Birthing Kits are crucial to the families of rural Zimbabweans and can make the difference when it comes to successfully delivering a child. This simple bag of supplies brings light to those who need it. JourneyPartners is able to bring these each year to rural clinics to distribute solely by the support of people like you. Read more to find out how you can assemble and send your own batch.
School Bags

Most school children in Zimbabwe are not able to afford such luxuries as bookbags.  Instead, plastic bags from a loaf of bread or a few groceries are used to tote the little school supplies they have to and from school.  By creating school bags, you enable a student to not only have a bookbag, but also enough pencils, pens, and more to take them through the year.  Read more to find out how you can help a student in Zimbabwe.
Contribute to JourneyPartners

It takes a lot of resources to connect and partner with Zimbabwe each year. An important way to partner with JourneyPartners is to commit to donate. We have tried to make this as easy as possible using online donation systems such as PayPal and Click & Pledge to help you set up a one-time or recurring donation in an amount of your choosing. Every dollar helps us get closer to our ambitious yearly goals. JourneyPartners is nearly 100% volunteer-based which means that we focus on channeling your money to those who need it the most. We encourage you to consider make a pledge today.

Recurring Donation (for 12 months)
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