Below is the “list” for birthing kits:

(1) 1-quart “zip-lock” plastic bag, in which all other items will be placed.
(1) one-meter (approximately one-yard) square piece of heavy-gauge plastic – to be spread under the birthing mother
(3) pairs examination gloves – to  protect mother, baby and helper
(1) bar (hotel-size is fine) soap, or one small container anti-bacterial waterless cleaning gel – to fight the “bad germs”
(1) candle, preferably 3-4 inches tall or bigger – for light, and to sterilize the blade
(1) book or box of matches – to light the candle! : -)
(1) new single-edge razor blade (make sure sharp side is safely covered) – to cut the umbilical cord
(4-8) sterile gauze pads or surgical sponges (4” x 4” or approximate) –in case bleeding occurs
(1) 1-meter or 1-yard length of fairly fine “string” or nylon cord – to tie off umbilical cord
(3) slim extra-absorption sanitary napkins, singly packaged – for afterward
(1) “label” of some kind, saying something like “From your friends at …..” or “We’re praying for you…” or whatever you want to say.  Make it appropriate for multi-faith applications (try to avoid “Jesus” or Christian-specific language).  One church said “God loves you, and our prayers are with you!”  From (the name of their church).  What’s important is that they know someone here cares, however you choose to say that.
(1) plastic garbage bag (to dispose of all this when finished)

Put all the “pieces” into the one-quart bag, and zip shut.  If your group finds this challenging, it’s ok to use a gallon bag – just takes a bit more space in the suitcase.  Please squeeze as much air out before closing as possible – it saves space and weight when packing.

Some groups choose to add a small rattle or toy for the baby; if you have access to sample packages of Betadyne, that’s wonderful to add, but not critical.  Use your discretion in what might be “nice” that fits in the bag….  The goal is to have the “bare essentials” to allow the chance for a “clean birth,” hopefully reducing risk of infection for mother and baby in areas without proper medical facilities or trained personnel. 

These can all be “packed” into a suitcase (50 pounds max please) or in bags that we’ll pack when we get them.  It’s so helpful if you can think about $1 per bag to help pay for the costs of getting them to their destination.

Thank you for helping minister in this way to “the least of these.”
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