Just as it was beginning to get dark, we reached our destination. Two school children were waiting for us at the road to guide us to the village. They hopped into the van and we drove for another four plus miles down a winding, bumpy, dirt road. At one point, we reached the riverbed where the bridge had been washed away during the rainy season and never replaced.

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While it seemed such a shame that so many children have to walk miles to and from their schools, it was my first indicator of the high priority Zimbabweans place on schools, it was my first indicator of the high priority Zimbabweans place on education. The care taken with uniforms; the difficulties in raising tuition fees; soccer played on a dusty, rutted, field; net-ball with no nets;...

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Zimbabwe and its people are one of the primary reasons that JourneyPartners came into existence.  It was a rural school outside the town of Gweru that brought the vision of an organization with a humanitarian effort. To learn more about our efforts in Zimbabwe, please click here.


JourneyPartners maintains efforts to help local partner organizations in ways that align with our mission when the opportunity presents itself. We value and treasure our partnerships and work together to help.

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JourneyPartners works alongside of and with the support of many partners. It is because of our partnerships that we are able to continue our work and fulfill our mission. Please click here to learn more about our partnerships.
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