JourneyPartners is a very small organization, with a very small operating budget.  All our members, including the Executive Director, volunteer their services, so we try to maximize our resources for projects. These decisions are made with some of the following criteria in mind:

- Is the project in keeping with the principles and objectives of JourneyPartners
- Which project(s) are most critical? 
- Which project(s) will benefit or impact the most people? 
- Will the project provide opportunity for US travelers to experience a cultural or mission immersion? 
- Will the project provide opportunity for the host community to become acquainted with the US travelers? 
- Can the project be accomplished as a true partnership? i.e., will the local community be able to provide resources (labor, materials, housing, food, etc.) to assist with the project? 
- Given our financial limitations, is the project within JourneyPartners’ financial reach?
- Does the project enhance or expand the reach of JourneyPartners and its ministry goals (geographically, culturally, ecumenically, etc.) 
- Is this a "fundable" project? 
- Can we find U.S. partners willing to commit to this particular project, and to assist in raising funds? 

There are also a few guidelines that we've made for ourselves through the years:  

      - We do not purchase land, in the US or abroad. 


      - We try to partner with local agencies and institutions, or entire communities, rather than individuals, national conventions or "umbrella" organizations, or individual congregations. 


    - While we work in the US and abroad with and alongside the faith community, increasingly we recognize the value of working with multiple institutions in local communities for a broader "ownership" of the project by those who benefit from it.
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